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Single Side Tempered Glass Solar Raised Pavement Marker With Anchors


              Henan Ruichen Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is engaged in the research and development of solar energy and LED technology in the field of road safety. It has a number of patents in this field. The self-developed solar pavement markers are used in many fields. RUCIHEN Main Products are solar pavement markers, smart road studs, solar road signs, luminous zebra crossings, road marking machines, etc. The main function of solar pavement marker is to enhance the visibility of roads at night while reducing street lighting, energy-saving and environmental protection. The Ruichen brand has been deeply praised by customers. There are a large number of actual use cases all over the world. We have a better understanding of the use environment of solar pavement markers in the world. RUICHEN raised solar pavement markers have various inspection certificates in the world. Participate in the European Exhibition, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and the Hong Kong Lighting Fair every year. There are also investments in online platforms, which have greatly enhanced our brand value.
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