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Solar Road Stud by Ruichen Group Is Awesome

DATE: 2022-09-23
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Ruichen Road Studs can increase the visibility of the road ahead by 10 times, and has reduced road accidents at its installation site by more than 70%. More importantly, since they are charged and activated by natural sunlight, they do not rely on headlight reflections. As a driver driving at a speed of 100 km/h, your reaction time to observe the road ahead is expected to exceed 30 seconds. This is a huge difference compared to traditional reflective road studs that only provide you with 3.2 seconds.

Even in harsh conditions (rain, fog or surface spray) where traditional retroreflectors and road markings are not obvious, Ruichen Road Studs will continue to glow to guide you to safety.

Ruichen Solar Studs are also stronger and more durable than traditional road studs, which means that their total cost is lower than Reflective Studs and their service life is longer. Ruichen Solar Studs only needs a few hours of daylight to provide enough battery power to last for several days-enough to ensure that the system operates throughout the year, regardless of the weather, anywhere in the world. Ruichen Solar Studs has been fully approved by the Ministry of Transportation. Due to its high-performance photovoltaic solar modules, Ruichen Solar Studs is very suitable for countries/regions with less sunshine. It has a sturdy structure, making it suitable for harsh conditions and ready to be used as a snowplow.

Ruichen Solar Road Stud evolution technology improves the performance of solar cells through battery energy storage. The main advantage of Ruichen Solar Road Stud is the use of microcontroller technology inside each stud, which can provide a variety of beneficial functions and control options even after installation. The Solar Road Stud is designed to replace the existing ordinary Reflective Studs. It works by the reflected light of the vehicle’s headlights. This existing system only limits the visible distance of the Solar Road Stud to the distance of the vehicle’s headlights, resulting in a limited visible distance at night or during a changeable climate and leading to multiple accidents. Starting from this problem and limitation, Ruichen Solar Road Stud has reconsidered and improved, and solved this problem by using innovative technology. The permanent solution is to use a device that can provide self-illumination to determine the road alignment as needed, without using the original reflection system, while still providing durability similar to the original system.

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